The double dissolution 

Mr Turnbull, having flagged his intentions about a month ago, has just announced he has the consent for a double dissolution 
This is political suicide for him. He’s coming off the back of a branch stacking scandal; a submarines announcement that has not been that well received; the imminent arrest of mal Brough; and the probable loss of warringah, Indi (and Sophie Mirabella is high profile whether she deserves to be or not); the probable loss of the leader of the national party’s seat and a tax regime that has favoured his own seat 
Now anything can happen and elections aren’t that easy to predict. But at this stage it seems that Mr Turnbull will lose and lose badly. His poorly esteemed predecessor Mr Abbott might crow that he would have won. This is arrant nonsense. Mr Abbott is part of the problem of Mr Turnbull’s issues. But Mr Turnbull has failed the trust test. Not only has he not provided better government he’s not provided anything. 
Internal liberal party polling allegedly shows a landslide against them. All this remains to be seen and with an ALP with a leader who hasn’t yet win back public trust, it is too early to call. Nonetheless I wouldn’t bet on Mr Turnbull to stay in the Lodge this week.