Malcolm Turnbull: Prime Minister

by David Lewis

Well, Mr Turnbull did it: fairly easily, though not as easily as Ms Bishop, who got 70% of the vote. Mr Turnbull won by 10 votes – not comprehensive, but solid. One wonders if Mr Abbott punched the wall next to Mr Turnbull when the result was read.

The next few days will be consumed with who will be what in the new cabinet. There is very little Mr Turnbull can do to change the party’s fortunes: the public may forgive, but they do not really forget.

We will see, I think, more women brought into the Cabinet. We will see same sex marriage back on the agenda. Refugees will continue to be used as political punching bags, though maybe the rhetoric will sound more human. We will still bomb Syria. And if not Syria, somewhere else. The GST will rise, continuing that ineffective, unjust tax on the poor. Scott Morrison will be rewarded for his thuggery. Joe Hockey will be punished for,well, being Joe Hockey. Christopher Pyne will receive the reward he deserves. Bronwyn Bishop will remain a backbencher, and her bitter, sad, unnoticed end will be even less heralded.

Given Mr Turnbull’s underwhelming performance as Communications Minister, I suspect it will take some time for good government to begin. Again? Or for the first time?

Mr Abbott will not be missed by many: his style did not suit most people’s conception of how a Prime Minister should behave.

Times have become interesting again.