The marvellous website,, run by (who I like to think is) my good friend Merric Davidson has documented the most representative, best, favourite ten tracks of various acts…

Here are some of mine: most done very quickly (or I’d never get them done), all done of bands or acts I love, all wrong, of course… Hope you enjoy.

The Monkees:


Sam Bush:

Bill Monroe:

Boomtown Rats:

New Grass Revival:

Led Zeppelin:

Jeff Beck:

Jack Bruce:

“Weird Al” Yankovic (with Ian Ashleigh):

B. B. King:

Eric Clapton:

Midnight Oil:

Bee Gees: (boy, did I cop it for this one… )

Cold Chisel:


As I continue to do them (with the editor’s permission, of course), I’ll add them here.

Meanwhile, lots of reading for all of you….