Ain’t misbehavin’

This standard, performed here by Linda Taylor, with your author on solid body mandolin, was written by Fats Waller in 1929. The mandolin is my trusty jbovier els. I think it’s set to the middle position (both pickups on). I don’t know what amp it’s going through. The strings are jazzmando flat wounds, the pick is a jazzmando pick. It’s about my favourite instrument (along with my banjo and Telecaster).

Mandolin is a great instrument. I’ve been playing for five or six years. It’s a gorgeous instrument for theory. I have used the FFcP technique developed by Ted Eschliman (from whom I also bought the mandolin in this video).

From here, I can go a couple of ways… I can describe rock mandolin, or I can look at the idea of solid bodies. I might return to these at some point. I could look at the track itself. A real balance of melancholy and triumph, with perfectly judged lyrics. Instead, listen to the track. My imperfections heighten the extremely good vocals by Linda. Many of my students ( all of whom are magnificent musicians) were in the audience. I usually teach history, so few of them have heard me play. Needless to say, Linda has a big future ahead of her.

I place it here as a record of performance.

Hope you enjoy.