A Blog – that’s so 2000s..

by David Lewis

I’m not a huge fan of blogs; I am a fan of reviewing. A successful culture engages with itself, argues, discusses and makes judgements. At no time has more material been released, yet, reviewing in serious places is slowly dying. We need critics: not to destroy, but to build. My friend Peter Viney (a more prolific blogger than I ever hope to be), writes gems of reviews on his blog. (Do chase it up).

As reviews get harder to place, I thought I’d jump on the horse (way, way too late, I know) and write some reviews I think I’d like to do. I’m going to write on my passions, as the mood takes me. Being a blog means I can have anything from random short thoughts to more complex deep thoughts.

My interests are broad, and occasionally deep: popular music, popular culture, politics, history, folk traditions, crime fiction (particularly from Sherlock Holmes through to Chandler), drama, comedy, musicals

I promise, though: not to be too self-indulgent. Occasionally, I might comment on politics. None of that Sydney Morning Herald ‘personal, suburban life’ stuff which I can’t stand (and which I like to think is contributing to the decline of Fairfax). I promise to try and keep it a bit literate, a bit clear, a bit free of poor writing, and maybe even a bit good. I’ll not feed the trolls, and expect no-one will read this anyway.

But, somewhere on the web, I sit, surrounded by virtual books, music, films and other things. Should you see me on your virtual travels, stop by… you never know: I might be there.